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pETer planET from the band IT'S A SECRET (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) presents information about electronic music technology of the past, present, and future, in addition to other items of interest like interesting guitars, amps, and pedals. Ok, I might as well toss in some other stuff musicians like such as UFOs, Men In Black, and the Illuminati.

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Last week in Frankfurt, Germany, the largest music retail show (yes, it’s larger than the NAMM show!) called Musikmesse concluded and many new products were revealed to the music press. One of the more interesting ideas is the AlphaSphere (Bristol, UK).

The AlphaSphere features 48 touchable pads that are pressure sensitive, and different synth control parameters can be assigned to the degree of pressure applied.

This spherical controller can send MIDI or OSC control messages to special software via USB that allows you to custom tailor its sounds making the AlphaSphere unique to your music vision.

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