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Today’s Record Store Day! How are you celebrating?

I think I’ll play some vinyl to celebrate today. I’ll start off with my mono recording of The Velvet Underground & Nico (produced by Andy Warhol).


My friend Darwin’s new system. He told me he was getting this earlier, and I asked him to FaceTime me as soon as he got it, and here it is. 

What he’s done is construct a euro approximation of a Wiard 300 system. 

The modules all conform to a shallow depth, so this enables you to have this thing on your lap. The enclosure is from the Livid elements system which is sort of a modular lego control surface sytem.

I think of my own personal modular as a fluid thing, a work constantly in motion. Patches themselves are ephemeral so the fact that the underlying hardware is as well doesn’t bother me. 

This is not that. This is a complete thought as an instrument, expressed though modules. It has specific limits, which enforces a kind of deep relationship with the complete whole. 

The top left corner features a Doepfer A-190-3, which you can simply jam a usb cable into, and presto you have MIDI note, velocity and bonus controller CV outputs. 

In the bottom right, there is an Exit Strategy which provides a balanced output, optical limiter and output level metering. 

Very nice!

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Keith Levene from Public Image Ltd & His Roland System 100M


Keith Levene from Public Image Ltd & His Roland System 100M

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John Chowning was the founding director in 1975 of the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University. He is also credited as the father of FM digital synthesis which led to the creation of the Yamaha DX-7 keyboard.

In this Audio Engineer Society (AES) oral history video, Dr. Chowning describes the interesting events that led to his discovery of FM (frequency modulation) digital synthesis.


Grouper//Liz Harris


Grouper//Liz Harris

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Silver Apples live in Los Angeles, 1968.

Simeon Coxe III: “In this shot you can see I have the oscillators mounted horizontally in plywood along with echo units, wah pedal, and so on. Here I am playing the ‘lead’ oscillator with my right hand, keying in rhythm oscillators with my elbow on the telegraph keys, changing the volume on an amp with my left hand, and singing. This was typical.”

… via an interview with Simeon at SoundOnSound.

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I think I just found myself